Personnel commissioner

Responsible for the recruitment of personnel within the company and the expansion of recruitment channels, maintenance and network recruitment information release and update;
Responsible for the follow-up assessment of the probation period of new employees, the signing of promotion and salary increase and correction contracts, and the formation of the corresponding files;
Responsible for the release and collection of staff questionnaires, analysis and summary of survey results, forming a conclusion;
Responsible for statistical summarization, reporting monthly attendance reports and handling abnormal attendance records.
Responsible for periodic statistical summary and reporting of staff performance appraisal data, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the pipeline method of performance appraisal.
Responsible for completing the company's personnel tasks and making suggestions for improvement.
Responsible for the transfer and payment of personnel files.
Responsible for staff entry, turnover, correction, post adjustment, salary adjustment and other related work.

Basic requirements:
Bachelor degree or above, major in human resources.
Proficient in Office office software and basic network knowledge.
Excellent language and writing skills, good communication and coordination skills, strong planning, planning, organization, execution skills, good observation and analysis;
High efficiency, strong sense of service, patient and meticulous, responsible and confidential.