About Us


 Founded in 2004, Vincent Vacuum Technology is a technology innovation company that integrates material, mechanical, electrical and electronic


knowledge in an inclusive spirit. In recent years, we have invested a lot of money in R&D, recruited high-level R&D personnel to expand R&D teams,


and purchased advanced precision analytical instruments. It is committed to constructing a platform for the industry to solve material application


solutions to enhance the industrial competitiveness of its customers. And as a core spirit of future investment development.


The main business items can be divided into the following three main bodies:

  ◆ All kinds of vacuum furnaces: design, production and installation.

  ◆ Heat treatment OEM: vacuum heat treatment foundry. Hard welding. Heterogeneous sintering. Technology transfer.


  ◆ Metal injection molding MIM: MIM finished product. MIM whole plant output.


 ◆ Vacuum furnaces


   Vacuum furnace enterprise is the core product of Vincent Vacuum Technology. From design, production and assembly to test, the whole series is


completed in Taiwan Yangmei Factory. Besides the core vacuum element is the high-efficiency vacuum pump of Japanese system, the heating source


and insulating graphite layer in the furnace are also made of European and Japanese system materials, and the outer cavity is made of high-gauge


materials. With a stainless steel double-layer cavity, a high-precision helium leak detector and high vacuum leak detector, the overall efficiency of the


system is comparable to that of the leading European and American brands, and the cost-effective advantage is far beyond.


 ◆ Heat treatment OEM


   We do heat treatment for customers, use our own heat treatment knowledge and self-equipment advantages to solve heat treatment problems


for customers, or new applications on the market, such as brazing and heterogeneous sintering.



 ◆ Metal injection molding MIM

   Metal injection forming MIM enterprise is one of the strategic products of Vincent Vacuum Technologies diversified operation, invested in MIM


process research and development in 2006. As MIM products and their applications are gradually recognized and promoted by the industry, from raw


material formulation, fluxing, injection molding to sintering, vertically integrated Completed in the factory, it is also necessary to quickly provide customers


with stable and excellent products.


   At the same time, the three major undertakings of Vacuum Science and technology of cultural students are advancing side by side and expanding their


career territory on the principle of continuous improvement, steady expansion and positive layout. In operation and management, in accordance with the


principle of self-discipline, freedom and trust, we hope that employees can give consideration to both family and work, and make concerted efforts to serve


the company, so that the company becomes a platform for benefit sharing. We are a dynamic, mobile, resilient young company with high growth potential


and unlimited possibilities.



Welcome to join us.


Capital amount: NTD 60 million / employee number: 70 persons.